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Being fat is one of the biggest concerns for most people around the world. No one wants to put on weight even if they love to binge on their favorite food. Excess weight gain is a problem throughout the world. Fitness centers, crash diets and fad workouts are some of the most popular means people […]

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Being fat is one of the biggest concerns for most people around the world. No one wants to put on weight even if they love to binge on their favorite food. Excess weight gain is a problem throughout the world. Fitness centers, crash diets and fad workouts are some of the most popular means people resort in order to lose weight. Some people are even ready to starve if that helps them shed the excess inches. However, most people do it the wrong way when trying to lose weight.

There is a bunch of misleading information regarding weight loss on the internet. When people believe such information as true, they end up with an inefficient weight loss process. To be able to efficiently lose weight and stay in shape you first need to be able to separate the facts from the myths.

The following are some of the biggest lies floating around about weight loss.

Weight Loss Myths

Myth #1: All calories are bad

Calories are actually a measurement of the energy reserves of the body. In the weight loss process burning calories is the mantra. But what people forget is that not all calories are bad. We get calories from every single item of food that we consume. All calories are the same because they all contribute to the body’s energy reserve. But not all sources of calories are the same. Calories from fats and carbohydrates lead to excess weight gain while calories from protein boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and balance hormones. When trying to lose weight, calories from fats and carbohydrates should be burned, not protein calories.

Myth #2: Supplements help in weight loss

Overweight people trying to lose weight often resort to supplements instead of a balanced diet. There are people who can survive on only supplements if that helps them lose weight. But the truth is almost all supplements are completely useless at aiding the weight loss process. Instead of adding anything nutritious to the body, supplements lead to the consumption of additives and other substances that are not particularly helpful. Even the supplements that have been found to work, they help you lose only one or two pounds at the most. Instead of surviving on supplements, a healthy, balanced diet is more essential for losing weight and staying in shape.

Myth #3: Weight loss is linear

The process of weight loss is not uniform or same all the time. On some days we lose weight and on other days we gain a little. This is a perfectly normal process and there is nothing wrong with the weight fluctuating on certain days. On days when there is more food in your digestive system or when your body is retaining more water your body weight will be more than usual. This is more appropriate for women, whose water weight fluctuates with the menstrual cycle. In the weight loss process as long as you are losing more weight then you gain you will be able to stay in shape.

Myth #4: Obesity is all about a bad diet

The common perception about obesity is that it is a result of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. However there are people who are unable to lose weight despite following a proper diet. This means obesity is a lot more about genetics and biology than willpower and diet. Various medical conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCOS, and even depression can lead to obesity. Hormonal disorders such as being resistant to the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin are also major reasons behind obesity. Whenever you see someone obese, try not to assume that the person eats a lot. There may be other causes contributing to the excess weight gain and the person’s inability to lose it.

Myth #5: Exercise is the only way to burn calories

Simply exercising will not help anyone lose weight. This is particularly true for those who are chronically obese or have a medical condition that makes it hard for them to lose weight. In fact those who are excessively overweight find it very hard to exercise. Any kind of physical activity is tough for obese people. Some people tend to gain more weight than they lose. This is why advising an obese person to eat less and exercise more is a useless and ineffective advice. It’s a lot like asking someone suffering from depression to think positive.

Myth #6: All fast food are bad

Until recently it was believed that any food that that can be prepared under 15 minutes was bad. However this does not apply to all kinds of fast food. For instance, a bowl of salad can be made in less than 15 minutes. A steak can also be made in less than 15 minutes. These are all healthy and nutritious food that are not fattening at all. There fast food chains these days that specialize in healthy and nutritious food. From a chicken salad to a burger without the bun, there are various fast food options that are quick but not unhealthy.

Myth #7: Weight loss diets are effective

Crash diets seem so tempting that everyone is willing to try them. There are health and wellness companies that will even send you your low calorie weight loss food every single day so you can stick to your diet without having to take the trouble of cooking. But several studies have found that dieting is not the key to weight loss. In fact those who diet, end up putting on double the weight within a year. What is more essential is to consult a nutritionist and get a proper diet chart made according to the person’s age, weight, gender and calorie requirements. There is no alternative to a balanced diet when it comes to losing weight.

Before resorting to any means to lose weight, it helps to learn more about the weight loss process. When you know the facts from the myths, it is easier to remain healthy and self-assured as you embark on the journey to a fitter you.

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