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Best Walking Shoes for Women – India, 2020

Best Walking Shoes For Women
Last Updated on October 16, 2020 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

Walking is the simplest exercise that does not require any special equipment. A daily walk of about 30 minutes is enough to keep you healthy. If you walk on an everyday basis, then a pair of good walking shoes are a must to keep up with your daily walking sessions. However, choosing the best product for your needs is difficult. This article aims to tells its readers some of the best walking shoes for women, and also it will guide you on how to get an excellent product for the price you pay.

Top Walking Shoes for Women in India – 2020

  • Power Women’s Valo Blue Walking Shoes
  • Bata Women’s Sports Walking Shoes
  • Bourge Women’s Micam-109 Walking Shoes
  • Asian Cute Grey Pink Walking Shoes
  • Fashimo Walking Shoes for Women

Top Recommendation by WJRNow

Power Womens Valo Walking Shoes

Power Women’s Valo Walking Shoes


  • Value for money
  • Slip-On Design
  • Contemporary design


  • Size issues reported by many users

The house of Power offers some of the best eye-catching designs. Power Women’s Valo Walking Shoes are a classy pair to to be de facto walking shoes. Designed with outer mesh material, it makes this pair comfortable and breathable for long walks. The shoe features a slip-on closure and a pointed toe style. Comes with a regular shoe width so that any wearer can fit into them easily. Suitable for casual occasions as well.

Bata Womens Sports Walking Shoes

Bata Women’s Sports Walking Shoes


  • High breathability
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple color options 


  • No warranty  

Buying Options

Bata, India’s largest footwear retailer offers the Women’s Sports Walking shoes, which is one of the best walking shoes for women available in the market. Designed with a phylon sole material, it gives a great bounce on walks. The closure has a slip-on style to make it easy to glide in. Manufactured with a medium shoe width, thus it is wearable for regular physical activities. Bata women’s walking shoes are designed for a casual fit so that you can wear them at other times too.

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